Q. What happens when I add a product to cart?

A. An email is automatically generated and foward to our sales despartment. One of our staff member will promptly respond to your inquiry?

Q. I am looking for something specific, how do I know if you carry it?

A. Feel free to email our sales staff or visit our eGallery.

Q. I am a fabricator, How can I get Pricing on your materials?

A. As a wholesale company, Sun Marble only offers its competitive pricing to registered businesses. Please Contact us for a business application.

Q. Can you scratch Granite?

A. Second only to diamonds, granite is one of the Earth’s hardest stones. With that, few matericals have the ability to stratch granite. Therefore, one can rest assure that granite will not scratch under normal conditions.

Q. Can you chip Granite?

A. While one of the most aesthetically pleasing stones, granite is also one of the hardest. Unless you are heavily abusing your countertop with a hammer or another excessive force, granite is unlikely to chip. Yet, in the event that it does, you should save the chips and call your fabricator. They will be able to use the chips to repair your countertop.

Q. Are granite countertops easy to care for?

A. Absolutely. Simple wipe your countertops down with mild soap and water mix or an ammonia-free window cleaner to keep them looking new for years to come.

Q. How does granite compare with synthetic countertops in the long run?

A. Countertops made from acrylic and other manufactured materials may have the “look” of granite, but the similarities end there. For resistance to bacteria, heat, scratches, stains, and overall performance, granite is unsurpassed. Some marbles with honed or matte finishes also make high quality countertops.